Volleyball Skills Challenge - Nov 16

by Justin Sayban

Hi everyone, 

I wanted to reach out and clear up any confusion that there might be heading into the final few weeks of the season. We have our last regular season matches this weekend (Nov. 9) at normal times (8 or 9am). 

Nov. 16, will be our skills challenges from 12:00-2:00pm, then we wrap up the season with our seeded, single elimination tournament on November, 23 starting at 11:30am. I'll post and email out the tournament bracket early next week after the conclusion of this weekends matches. 

Skills Challenge 

Athletes within the 7-9u division will compete individually (this is not a team event) against each other in two skill sets: serving & passing. Trophies will be awarded for the top athlete for each skill set. The top three athletes in each skill set, will compete for the divisional “All Avalanche Athlete” which will be additional physical challenges. 

Serving Challenge 

Athletes will serve 10 balls from the service line. Points will be awarded for the serves that land inside the court. One point for each serve that lands in and three points for each serve that lands in zone 1 or 5. Zones 1 and 5 will be marked with tape. 

Passing Challenge 

Athletes will pass 10 balls, with the objective to pass settable balls. A setter's zone will be taped on the court as your target and points will be awarded for balls that land inside the “setter's zone”. Details of the physical challenge for the All Avalanche Athlete will remain a secret until the day of. 


Athletes will register the day of the challenge upon check-in. Athletes are not required to be there or compete in this challenge, as this is a fun event to challenge your skill set and compete against other athletes whom you’ll be competing against throughout your volleyball career. 

Thank you, and I hope to see everyone back in the Winter! 

Chris Stanfield
Avalanche Athletics
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